Obama's Prepared Speech To Our Kids

The White House has released President Obama’s prepared speech to our school kids that has all the right wingnuts’ panties in a bunch. And as hard as I tried, nowhere was I able to find health care, cap and trade, or even socialist. But I will give them this, it will certainly be offensive to some. You know study and work hard, do your homework, and this little tidbit:

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

Oh wait, that god thing is the one subject they do want taught in our schools and probably the only part of the speech that many of the loudest complainers won’t object to because the rest of the message is obviously so bad.

Now please get back to your regularly scheduled tin foil hat wearing duties that will insure that the GOP will be even more obstructionist in the future. I am sure there are many more policies aimed at helping American’s that you can kill with your sky is falling scare tactics, it’s not like the Democrats will ever have the balls to stop you…

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