Appropriate? Maybe In A Theocracy

Religious Right poster child and sometimes mentioned GOP Presidential candidate, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, is catching some heat for his choice of rides to Church. Apparently he sees no issues with using taxpayer money to pay for his helicopter rides to churches in Northern Louisiana at a cost of approximately $45 grand and counting.

Between March 2 and July 20, Jindal traveled to churches, mostly in north Louisiana, on a state helicopter at a cost to the taxpayers of about $45,000, according to State Police records.

In May, June and July, there was rarely a Sunday when Jindal did not fly a taxpayer-funded helicopter to church services in a remote part of the state. Two aides usually accompanied him along with his security detail and pilots.

And despite catching criticism from all sides including national religious organizations, Jindal doesn’t see what the problem is and in fact thinks that his taxpayer funded church visits are appropriate.

Jindal said he visits with congregations after church services and listens to their comments, suggestions and concerns.

He said he also combines his church trips with meetings with local officials.

“It’s appropriate. You can’t do this job from Baton Rouge alone. The state is bigger than Baton Rouge and it’s important for me to travel across the state,” Jindal said.

So if those visits are indeed used to meet and greet state residents (so are you instead admitting you are then using tax money to campaign?), when will you be visiting Synagogues and Mosques instead of the Churches that you have been visiting exclusively to this point. Or do their comments, suggestions and concerns not matter?

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