Fanatical? Ann Coulter Should Know

Many who do not subscribe to the tin foil hat crusade against Barack Obama’s birthplace, often wonder why he doesn’t just release any document that these wingnuts want just to shut them up. This is why.

Ann Coulter, the queen of crazy back handedly called Joseph Farah, founder of WorldNutDaily and a card carrying member of the Birther movement, nuts over the Birther obsession by the far right. She didn’t mention him by name of course, she isn’t stupid enough to bite the hands that feed her, but she does lament the craziness of the Birther’s on Farah’s own web site.

And of course Farah is hurt.

The attacks from friends, which I consider Ann to be, always hurt much more than attacks from adversaries. My skin is thick. It has to be in this business. Coulter’s comments were scathing, and she painted with a broad brush. I was grateful she didn’t make it personal in her comments on TV and in her WND column – the place where more people read Coulter than anywhere else. Nevertheless, I noted that her statements on this subject were much less informed than is her usual standard.

Furthering Farah’s defense of his position, he says that Coulter should know that she is off base, not because of any evidence, but because of who else thinks that Farah and his Birther movement are just plain nuts.

I still respect, admire and love Ann Coulter. But she couldn’t be more wrong on this issue. The fact that she is in agreement with Geraldo, Olbermann, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and the entire mass media slime machine should provide her a clue that she’s way off the reservation. It’s one thing to ignore the story. It’s another to impugn the motives of those who don’t.

So if everyone but you believe that something is false, they are the crazy one’s? Farah then goes on to promote his one and only defense of his position.

It still comes down to one question: “Where’s the birth certificate?”

Besides the fact that Obama has had to do just about more than any other President in history to prove his citizenship, I put forward the reason why he doesn’t give the Birther’s the “proof” they want is that this obsession by the crazy wing of the right all but destroys any credibility they might have had on any issues going forward.

Fanatical? If anyone on this planet knows what that is, it is Ann Coulter.

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