Speaking Of Idiocy

While a Minneapolis Baptist minister claims that god is punishing Lutherans for considering giving gays more recognition within their church, our fine leaders in Rapid City are trying to figure out how to word their new discrimination policy so that they can continue to avoid mentioning them at all. (emphasis mine)

In other business, the board also approved a first reading of a new nondiscrimination policy. To comply with state accreditation rules, the policy will add “pregnancy” and “student marital status” to the list shielded from discrimination.

The current policy says the school in dealing with staff, students and the public will not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, national background, handicap and other human differences.

The board earlier this month had anticipated “other human differences” would be replaced with sexual orientation, but administrators did not propose the change at Thursday’s meeting.

Other human differences? What, do they have the local homophobe advising them on their policy?

Why bother.

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