PZ Myers came across an interesting event that surely has the Websters Dictionary folks scrambling to update their definition of oxymoron.

It seems that the Creation Museum is taking applications for the “Creation Museum Science Fair” which is open to kids in grades 7-12. The only requirement for applying is that you agree to sign a form saying that you are willing to pretty much ignore all science because of course using real science kind of defeats the creationism worldview doesn’t it?

Some highlights:

  • All projects should be clearly aligned with a biblical principle from a passage or verse.

    • The student should be able to explain why the verse or passage selected relates to their project. (Students should read the article “God and Natural Law” by Dr. Jason Lisle for an explanation of this concept.)

      • Students should consider the context of the verse(s) they are using.
      • The verse chosen does not have to directly apply to the project topic (e.g., Scripture does not directly address radio waves), but may simply relate the project to the Creator of the universe.
      • Students should read the article “God and Natural Law.”

  • Students should be able, with a clear conscience, to sign the AiG Statement of Faith, which upholds the belief in the creation of the universe in six, twenty-four-hour days about 6,000 years ago by the Creator God as revealed in the Bible.

2 things are are painfully clear from this.

First they should rename the event to the “Anti-Science” Fair as no science will be evident and second, after reading their “Statement of Faith”, shouldn’t it really be called the “AIG Grand Canyon Sized Leap of Faith“?

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