So That Is Why The GOP Is Against Healthcare Reform

It is against god’s plan!

The Minnesota Family Council says that Obama’s plan for health care reform is against God’s design and, according to its president, God has created government to do certain things. When we reject His design for government, in a sense, we’re rejecting Him.”Pritchard goes on to explain that Obama expects people to trust government, not God and socialist models are against the laws of God and involve rationing and waiting periods for care.

And If you think it is just one fringe group we have this as well

The Christian Coalition of America has a similar message, warning Christians about Barack Obama’s health care program as alien to God and Christian teachings. They maintain “that reform of health care would “provide care to illegal aliens, while rationing care to elderly and disabled American citizens.” This pits seniors against immigrants in the health care reform debate. They also declare on their webpage, “Stop the takeover. Visit our action center.”

Other groups gathering to make an assault on health care at town hall meetings include Americans for Truth, The Family Research Council and Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family specifically requests members to attend town hall meetings and “demand that abortion funding be explicitly excluded from any reform bill.”

Isn’t it nice to know that god is looking after our welfare this way? I wonder if he will help me pay the $1000 a month that my company and I now pay for my health insurance or if he will look out for me if that same insurance company that is collecting my money turns around and tells me that they will not cover a future medical issue?

As usual I am betting the answer will be no.

UPDATE: Speaking of leaving healthcare to god, haven’t we already seen numerous examples of what happens when we do that?

Last year, Kara Neumann died of juvenile diabetes. Her death was slow and painful, and entirely unnecessary — her parents believed in the power of prayer and allowed her obvious symptoms to go untreated except for entreaties to an invisible and inert god. They weren’t opposed to technology in general, since they did sent out an email to an online ministry requesting ’emergency prayer‘, but they did neglect the only technology that mattered, a simple injection of insulin.

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