Pick A Party Steffi

I came across this cartoon and immediately thought of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin who during the ongoing health care debate again proved that the “D” after her name is often questionable to folks like myself.

And while some South Dakota Republicans might say that she is just voting on issues the way her mostly Conservative South Dakotan base wanted her to do, a new Gallup poll reported on by the Hog House blog shows that statement might not be quite as true anymore.

South Dakota leaning Democratic? Are pigs flying? Of course I’ll believe that when the votes are counted in 2010 but one thing I do believe. If Steffi continues to piss off South Dakota’s growing number of Democrats and Independents, the shrinking number of her Republican supporters angry from many of her other votes might make her re-election, which has been a sure thing until now, not so sure. That is of course unless the GOP puts another Bruce Whalen clone on the ballot to challenge her…

Oh and Steffi, you are off much of this month but for some reason you don’t seem to be doing any public meetings to allow us to question your votes, what’s up with that?

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