Atheists Invade Creation Museum

As I wrote about awhile ago, noted Atheist blogger and scientist PZ Myers and approximately 285 of his friends are scheduled to visit Ken Ham’s ode to creationism in Kentucky this morning for what will surely be a great time. If by chance you are interested in this visit and are also on Twitter you can follow it here.

If you are wondering why they would spend their time at Ham’s Creation Museum looking at saddled dinosaurs, I would recommend you watch what happens when the tables are turned and creationists visit a science museum with a group of home schooled children.

This is what they are fighting against and what Ham’s museum promotes.

UPDATE: Apparently the Flintstones exhibit at the museum, otherwise know as the dinosaurs with saddles, had coincidently been removed for “maintenance” before the tour but just happened to be spotted on a trailer by a van load of folks heading to the museum and was photographed. From PZ Myers’ Pharyngula


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