The Face Of A Movement?

If you’ve spent even a few moments in the blogosphere the past few days I am sure you’ve come across the MSNBC video of David Shuster’s interview with the queen of the birther movement, Orly Taitz. Taitz was appearing to discuss her release of the quickly debunked Kenyan birth certificate which supposedly showed that Barack Obama was born in an alternate reality that among many issues, had Kenya being a country months before it actually was. Of course when Shuster pointed out that her “evidence” was an obvious forgery, the interview became something else entirely.

The above video obviously doesn’t do much to promote the birther movement (as if a movement promoted by WorldNetDaily and led by Taitz, Wiley Drake, and Chuck Norris has any credibility to begin with), but to put an exclamation point of the fact that Taitz and others in her group are nothing a bunch of tin foil wearing kooks, a crawl on the video that appears at the 6:03 mark all but seals the deal.

Ann Coulter calls birthers “cranks”

If the Websters definition of kooky calls you crazy, you pretty much have no defense…

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