Why Does It Matter?

My post yesterday on the perception vs belief of many scientific theories might have been a bit hard on the those that choose to split with science when it comes to certain subjects. I mean why does it matter if someone has different views that don’t necessarily jive with science even if they are then able get those views taught to the masses? After all the science is often admittedly just currently unproven theories right?

A book by Charles Pierce called Idiot America that among other things describes a tour of Ken Ham’s Creation Museum might help explain why it does often matter.

Pierce opens with a tour of the Creation Museum in Kentucky, where dinosaurs are depicted, living Flintstone style (some of them have saddles!) in Eden, and being taken on Noah’s Ark, two by two, T-Rex and Raptor and the rest, with the other animals and Noah’s family.

Dinosaurs with Saddles? Bananas as proof of a creator? If you choose to completely ignore science then you end up getting the Ken Ham’s and Ray Comfort’s of the world getting picked to head agencies like the Texas state Board of Education or oilmen like George W Bush and Dick Cheney determining environmental policy.

Science is far from perfect but it certainly beats wingnuttery. That is why it matters.

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