The GOP's Hitler Obsession

While our local far right-wingers concentrate on religiously driven homophobia and calling those of the left leaning persuasion every possible name ending in “-ist” (Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Marxist, etc.) in the English language the national far righties seem to have found an obsession of their own.

From the Washington Monthly

Sen. Jim DeMint says that America under Obama is like Germany before World War II. Republican women in Maryland say that Obama is like Hitler. Hitler comparisons are apparently rife at tea parties. What’s gotten into the GOP?

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) once compared those who accept the science on global warming to the Third Reich. Assorted right-wing activists have compared Al Gore to Hitler.

At times it seems as if the right has no other historical comparisons from which to draw upon. Grover Norquist has said the estate tax is the moral equivalent of the Nazi Holocaust. Bill O’Reilly has made so many comparisons between his political opponents and Nazis, it’s hard to even know where to start. Don’t even get me started on Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg.

No wonder the fundie wing of the GOP has been given the nickname “Reich Wing“…

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