Quick Hits – Surprises

Work will be taking up most of my time for awhile so before I leave this AM I figured I would throw out a few of thoughts on a couple of surprises.

Steve McNair’s girlfriend was surprised?
As has been rumored from the start, police are now confirming that former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was in fact the victim of a murder suicide committed by his 20 year old girlfriend on the side, Sahel Kazemi. It seems that one possibility being investigated as to why Kazemi killed McNair and then herself was that she was distraught because he might have been cheating on her with a third women. My question is, if in fact that was true, why would Kazemi be surprised considering she was already the “other woman” for the married McNair? It’s not like he hadn’t shown a penchant for such things…

I am surprised.
A new Gallup poll shows that 41% of respondents would still be likely to vote for Sarah Palin for President even after she quit as Alaska Governor. My question is why, considering her reaction to the relatively tame scrutiny she has had to endure in relation to what awaits if she ran for President, would people still think this woman could handle it? Too bad we couldn’t have her walk in Barack Obama’s shoes for a few days, I have a feeling she would be ready for a jacket with no sleeves and an extended stay in a room with rubber walls.

Enjoy your Thursday.

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