Everything Is Obama's Fault

Conservatives like to say that for some reason Sarah Palin scares liberals. Of course I don’t necessarily believe that sentiment as I personally think a Palin ticket would put Liberals back into the White House for another 4 years but one thing I do know is that in the minds of many Conservative wingnuts, President Barack Obama is to blame for literally everything that goes wrong in our country.

The latest case in point revolves around last nights fireworks at Mt Rushmore. For those that might be unaware, South Dakota’s treasured tourist magnet Mt Rushmore holds what many consider to be the country’s best fireworks show of the season drawing 10’s of thousands of visitors each 4th of July holiday. This year’s event was scheduled for last night and unfortunately the weather was pretty much wet and foggy for most of the day putting the show in doubt right up until the 9:30pm scheduled start time.

At the last minute the rain stopped but the fog remained but those in charge decided to go forward with the show anyway, narrated at least in part by Obama, and here is where it gets goofy at least as far as certain commentators on The Rapid City Journal’s story of the night are concerned…

Todd Potter wrote:

” Four famous presidents carved in stone, and who do we get quotes from??? OBAMA?? PATHETIC, Mount Rushmore, pathetic. Maybe we can out spend him in fireworks next year. “

goverment spending your money wrote:

” Obama and Baker having no problems spending your hard earned dollars. I dont even know what else to say!! “

sick of Obama wrote:

” Why oh why waste thousands and thousands of dollars in fireworks when you couldn’t see them. Wow…colored clouds…typical of the clody administration we have in Washington now I guess….someone has their head in the clouds…what a joke and another waste of taxpayer dollars. “

Figures wrote:

” In 2008 when Bush was President the fireworks were beautiful and when off perfectly. In 2009 Obama is President and we get this mess and waste. How is that hope and change working out for you? “

RK wrote:

” Since most of what Obama says and does is usually in the fog, the fog rather seemed appropriate since we had to listen to him during the lighted fog show.”

So there you have it, tin foil hat wearers have Obama being to blame for the bad weather, going forward with the show despite the inclement weather, and spending private donations (despite what above comments seem to imply, the show is not federally funded) on a fireworks show that no one could see.

Simply amazing.

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