Creation Museum Brings Tears To Believers And Non-Believers Alike…Tears of Laughter And Horror That Is

One would probably expect that most scientists would have issues with Ken Ham’s Creation Museum, a $27 million ode to literal biblical interpretation of the beginning of the Earth. And they did.

“It’s sort of a monument to scientific illiteracy, isn’t it?” said Jerry Lipps, professor of geology, paleontology and evolution at University of California, Berkeley.

“Like Sunday school with statues… this is a special brand of religion here. I don’t think even most mainstream Christians would believe in this interpretation of Earth’s history.”

So what is the reaction from many mainstream Christians after their tour of the “museum” that Professor Lipps mentions?

Lisa Park of the University of Akron cried at one point as she walked a hallway full of flashing images of war, famine and natural disasters which the museum blames on belief in evolution.

“I think it’s very bad science and even worse theology — and the theology is far more offensive to me,” said Park, a professor of paleontology who is an elder in the Presbyterian Church.

“I think there’s a lot of focus on fear, and I don’t think that’s a very Christian message… I find it a malicious manipulation of the public.”

With the above background and putting the humor/disappointment aside, what an interesting time should be had by all in Kentucky if Ken Ham accepts the invitation to tag along on the tour of his museum being attended by noted scientist and blogger PZ Myers on August 7th. Myers and a small group of his friends who will be packing a laundry list of questions for the museum proprietors and the answers to those questions will be must read material for sure.

Unlike banana man Ray Comfort’s trip to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History looking for the evidence of evolution,  I am disappointed that I will not be there to see it…

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