Why Does Talent Win Out?

michael jacksonDespite being a child of the 70’s and early 80’s I never was much of a Michael Jackson fan so the news that he had died yesterday didn’t affect me much. With that being said, everything that has happened since his death with all the media attention and the amazing amount of despair from his fans causes nothing but wonder on my part.

There is no doubting the enormous talent that Jackson possessed, the millions upon millions of albums sold is a testament to that but in his later life, the utter weirdness and criminal behavior he exhibited has been the only picture most have seen from him for the better part of 2 decades. So why is this behavior having little if any effect on the millions of people whom are now heart broken over his death?

Jackson had an admitted soft spot for children (for some reason you rarely saw female children overnighting at his amusement park of a house) and thought that it was normal to sleep with young boys. He settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit with the family of one such young boy and was charged with multiple felony counts for his relationship with another but still was worshiped by fans despite polls showing that more people thought he was guilty than did OJ Simpson.

I certainly do not revel in anyone’s death but I must ask again, why the huge outpouring of sorrow for a washed up alleged pedophile that hadn’t been relevant since the 80’s?

Priests and entertainers apparently have more in common than one would think…

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