Hypocrisy From The Religious Right, You're Joking Right?

While the South Dakota right concentrates on how the recent resignation of Republican Senator John Ensign from the #4 position in the GOP leadership will possibly leave an opening for our rising Senatorial star John Thune, the hypocrisy that drips from this whole situation remains pretty much untouched.

What hypocrisy you say? Well it seems the Senator Ensign, who just admitted having an extra-marital affair,  has a history of calling out those that didn’t live up to his high Christian morals: (which commandment covered adultery again?)

The Nevada Republican once called on President Bill Clinton to resign, declaring “the truth must come out.” In October 2007, he was sharply critical of former Sen. Larry Craig, of Idaho, calling the Republican’s arrest in an airport bathroom sex sting “embarrassing for the Senate.”

Wow a Republican politician who calls out others and then gets busted himself, what is that biblical quote about throwing stones again? Maybe it’s time for these guys to leave their overdeveloped sense of morality at the door as it seems they are having a hard time living up to it as well.

Oh and Senator Ensign, while you have given up your leadership position, when exactly will you be resigning from the Senate as that seems to be your penalty of choice for those in the past that have had some indiscretions in their closets?

Move along, no hypocrisy here…

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