Reserve A Spot For Your Enemy

If praying for the eternal damnation of those you despise isn’t enough, you can now guarantee their place in hell all for the bargain basement price of $12.79.

It is now possible to send yourself or someone you know deep into the pits of Hell to live a terrible life after death, but how?

Reserve A Spot In Hell is here for the sole purpose of allowing you the opportunity to secure yourself (or someone else) a spot within the depths of Hell. We understand that some people would rather live a life of crime and trickery and Heaven just doesn’t sound too appealing. Maybe the idea of floating around in Heaven, holding hands and singing songs doesn’t sound like your thing and you would rather be indulging yourself in hardcore drugs, consuming massive quantities of alcohol and committing all sorts of random acts of violence and crime. Or maybe you have someone that you don’t like and you want to make sure they suffer for the rest of their life. Either way, we are here to help.

So if you are Wiley Drake or some other wingnut praying for the deaths of those that aren’t god fearing enough, why not be doubly sure that they don’t share the fruits of the afterlife. Reserve their spot now and while you are at it, why not buy your way into heaven at the same time because you can never be too sure can you?

(h/t – Pharyngula)

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