Next Up For God's Wrath?

Fresh off their “successful” campaign to get Dr George Tiller’s abortion clinic closed, the fringe wing of the Christian right is moving on to their next project led by wingnut pastor Wiley Drake. Drake who openly admitted praying for Tiller’s death is now focusing his hateful prayers in the name of god towards Barack Obama.

A former Southern Baptist Convention officer who on June 2 called the death of abortion provider George Tiller an answer to prayer said later in the day he is also praying “imprecatory prayer” against President Obama.

Wiley Drake, pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, Calif., and former running mate of American Independent Party presidential candidate Alan Keyes, said June 2 on Fox News Radio he didn’t understand why people were upset with his comments

“Imprecatory prayer is agreeing with God, and if people don’t like that, they need to talk to God,” Drake syndicated talk-show host Alan Colmes. “God said it, I didn’t. I was just agreeing with God.”

Kind of puts a whole new spin on “Love thy enemies” doesn’t it…

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