Spiting Your Face

I am sure that you are keenly aware that you as a tax payer are now a proud 60% owner of GM so what is your next move? How about trying to boycott them out of business.

The far right wing of the American political spectrum has begun channeling its displeasure over the federal government’s involvement in the restructuring of General Motors into calls for a boycott of the company’s products. Reportedly spearheaded by right wing pundits and radio show hosts, the boycott would be a response to the U.S. government taking a 60% stake in GM in exchange for forgiving most of the tens of billions of dollars loaned to the company over the last six months…

…Therefore, a successful boycott of GM products could have the adverse effect of driving the company into liquidation. This would eliminate any hope of getting reimbursed for the tens of billions in loans that the government has given GM.

At least the righties are consistent, not too bright, but consistent. Now where was that next tea party again?

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