Why Do I Continue To Blog?

From time to time I ask myself this question and for a time I really couldn’t come up with a good answer so I took a break and refocused.

While I am back with this all new endeavor, I still ask myself that question almost daily. I certainly don’t make any money and in fact since I am self hosted, it costs me money. It doesn’t bring me any fame as I choose to blog somewhat anonymously (though my secret is out) and even chose to give up my spot on KELO’s local blogging project. So why do I go through the hassles of doing this on a somewhat regular basis?

I do it because of the well known extremists in our local blogosphere that say things I just can’t let go.

I do it because our local blogosphere isn’t well represented when it comes to atheists and agnostics.

I do it because I still enjoy politics and political discussion.

And finally I do it because we have idiots like Ray Comfort and his buddy Kirk Cameron (yes that Kirk Cameron) who once tried to prove that god existed by using a banana. The same Ray Comfort who now tries to infer that evolution is false, not for any reason our local bible thumpers would use, but because Adolf Hitler believed in it (okay maybe they would use that reason as well).

That’s why I blog…at least for now.

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