Say What Leslie?

Our favorite abstinence nut is in the news again this time telling us that she never wanted to “suck on the government teet” and is happy to be rid of the restrictions that came with public funding. Obviously after hearing that most did a double take and Cory over at the Madville Times puts that “say what!?” moment into words.

I cannot conceive of telling lies as big as the ones Leslee Unruh is willing to put in the press. To lie that big, I would have to abandon any sense of a coherent, integral self.

Leslee Unruh has actively lobbied to win federal funding for her preferred social programs. She has praised such funding. And now she says she never liked that federal funding. Nothing describes this turn of phrase more aptly than one word: lie.

What’s next from Leslie? She is for womens rights? Abstinence education works? She doesn’t wear any makeup? Whatever it is I am sure it will be just as comical.

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