You've Gotta Love Jesse

Living in a state that neighbors Minnesota, I have been exposed to Jesse Ventura, their former Governor, for years. That exposure has shown that he has many opinions and he isn’t afraid to express them. His latest “Jessieism” came during his appearance with the yenta’s from ABC’s The View the other day and covered his thoughts on the US waterboarding terrorist suspects.

“If waterboarding is okay, why don’t we let our police do it to suspects to learn what they know?” he asked to a chorus of applause.

“That’s an interesting question,” Hasselbeck said. “I understand that question.”

“If waterboarding is okay, why didn’t we waterboard [Timothy] McVeigh and [Terry] Nichols, the Oklahoma City bombers, to find out if there were more people involved? What’s your answer to that?” he asked. “We only seem to waterboard Muslims.”

Hmm…maybe that’s why Christians seem to be the group expressing the least amount of problems with the United States’ use of torture? Who cares right? It’s only those mean old Muslims being subjected to these “special interrogation” techniques.

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