Why Won't They Just Leave Her Alone?

via Crackho.com

Our favorite wingnut and former VP candidate Sarah Palin just can’t catch a break. The latest “incident” revolving around the Alaska Governor deals with the domain Crackho.com. Apparently the owners of that domain decided to play a prank on Governor Palin and for a time set it up so that it re-directed to Palin’s official website.

For some reason, Palin’s peeps didn’t get the joke and filed a cease and desist against the owners to which they did finally adhere to but not before it became sort of an internet classic.

On a related note, Palin did have some good news to report. Her unwed mother daughter, Bristol, who pretty much threw a monkey wrench in Palin’s credibility on the viability of abstinence only education during the campaign, did manage to graduate from high school last week ensuring that she will finally have that diploma to hang on the wall of her doublewide in Wasila once momma’s political career comes to an end. Congratulations!

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