What Is Going On In Texas?

Is anyone really suprised that in Texas, whose State Board of Education is led by a new Earth plagiarist dentist who tried (and barely failed) to effectively get the teaching of science taken out of Texas classrooms, is now dealing with a school district that permits Bibles to be put out for students?

There is a book battle of sorts taking place in Frisco schools. This isn’t about a textbook — it’s about the “Good Book.”

The district permits free Bibles to be put out for students; but there’s a fine line between non-school literature that’s “put out” and “given out.”

Debbie Lutz has two children in Frisco schools. “How is that allowed?” she asked. “It makes me very mad.”

Gideon volunteers have visited both her children’s campuses with Bibles in tow. It’s part of the Frisco ISD’s rotating schedule that permits the religious group in some schools for one day.

As you can imagine though, not everyone thinks this is a bad idea.

Wilks tries to read the Bible daily, and is stunned at the outcry of negativity. “It’s not like it is in the curriculum,” Wilks said. “It’s not like we’re making them take Bible classes.”

But Wilks says offering — not pushing — the Bible should be fair game. “I believe in freedom of religion, but I think there are people from the other religions who would like to completely stifle the Christian side of it,” she said.

What wasn’t asked though I wish would be in stories like this is whether people like Ms Wilks, you know those good Christians that see no problem with their religious material being distributed on school grounds, would feel the same if it wasn’t the Bible but the Koran or some other non-Christian religious material being distributed? I am guessing that they wouldn’t be as tolerant.

Maybe we should allow Texas to secede as their Governor and 1/3 of their population believe is their right. The Constitution already seems to be a thing of the past there anyway…

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