Would Jesus Torture?

Of course not says former Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer (I assume no relation to Jack), because duh, he’s the son of God. But Bauer, who is affiliated with several right-wing Christian groups does think Jesus would be just fine with his followers doing so especially if they were terrorists.

“There are a lot of things Jesus wouldn’t do because he’s the son of God,” he said. “I can’t imagine Jesus being a Marine or a policeman or a bank president, for that matter. The more appropriate question is, ‘What is a follower of Jesus permitted to do?'”

Bauer said the answer is “it depends” — but the moral equation changes when the suspect is not a soldier captured on a battlefield but a terrorist who may have knowledge of an impending attack. He said he does not consider water-boarding — a form of interrogation that simulates drowning — to be torture.

Not only does Bauer think it is ok, he thinks that we might actually be morally suspect if in fact we don’t use torture.

“I think if we believe the person we have can give us information to stop thousands of Americans from being killed, it would be morally suspect to not use harsh tactics to get that information,” Bauer said.

Looks like we have another distinguished graduate of the Dick Cheney school of morality. Where does the right wing find these guys?

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