Oh Geez, Who Would Have Thought?

While Conservatives were busy throwing tea into tiny lakes and calling it a non-political/non-partisan event aimed at protesting taxes. Taxes that actually went down for 98% of them by the way. It was business as usual for those circumventing the 4th amendment.

The two New York Times journalists who broke the original Bush-era NSA wiretapping story in 2005 have published fresh revelations of new abuses of the program, which include alleged access to Americans’ domestic communications and an attempt to wiretap a member of Congress without a warrant. The article reports that “officials with both the House and Senate intelligence committees said they had concerns that the agency had ignored civil liberties safeguards built into last year’s wiretapping law.”

What a suprise. Who would have thought that the NSA would continue to do whatever they wanted and that the recently passed FISA update was a bad idea? Oh that’s right, I did.

And as before, will this get the same outrage as other circumventions of the Constitution? Probably not as no one is attempting to delay, even for a day or two, John Q Public’s right? to purchase an AK47 for “home protection”.

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