So Much Spin I Almost Hurt My Neck Reading It

More proof that just about any issue will be spun by the Religious Right to tie into their anti-abortion agenda. This time it is President Obama’s handling of the Somali pirates kidnapping of Captain Richard Phillips. From the FRC: (emphasis mine)

Despite what some say, Captain Phillips is alive today because his government acted in the interest of preserving life. Our President also sent a strong message that the change in American leadership does not mean a change in U.S. terrorism policy. It emphasized the excellence of our military and reaffirmed a core value of our nation–life is worth defending. We commend President Obama for acting decisively to protect Captain Phillips. I must add, however, that this incident also serves to highlight an unconscionable contrast that exists in our culture and epitomized by this administration. The President moved heaven and earth to protect an American captive while turning a deaf ear to the cries of the unborn.

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