Breaking News From Mr. Obvious!

Thanks to the folks over at the SDGOP funded Republican Tide, we learn that Stephanie Herseth Sandlin is a Democrat. (oops, looks like they pulled the post for some reason, maybe they needed to do more research to prove that Sandlin is actually a Democrat)

According to the Washington Post in this Congress, Herseth Sandlin has voted with her party and Nancy Pelosi 96.6% of the time.

And wouldn’t you know it, after some tireless research (3 milli-seconds worth) I was able to uncover that John Thune is actually a Republican!

John Thune has voted with a majority of his Republican colleagues 94.8% of the time during the current Congress.

And to put a cherry on top of today’s breaking news, it was discovered that Fox News is biased. The latest example has Neil Cavuto pointing out that his network tirelessly covered the Million Man March so why wouldn’t they spend so much time covering the upcoming “Tea”bag parties!

The problem, as News Hounds points out, is that the Million Man March took place on Oct. 16, 1995. According to the News Corp. website, however, Fox News did not begin operations until Oct. 7, 1996 — almost a full year after the March. Cavuto joined the network a few months before it launched — in July 1996. Before joining Fox, he was at CNBC.

I do believe these could be considered stating the obvious don’t you?

Update: Pat Powers picks up the Republican Tide’s slack and has posted the press release here.

Update 2: The Republican Tide has reposted the press release here and this time they even added a nice pretty picture of the newly? outed Democrat. Oh the humanity…

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