Fighting An Unarmed Man

Movie reviews used to be enjoyable to watch especially when they were given by Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel. Unfortunately Gene passed away awhile ago and more recently Roger Ebert suffered health issues that have forced him off of TV. With that being said, while Roger can no longer speak, his mind is still sharp as a tack. Just ask Bill O’Reilly after he placed the Chicago Sun Times on his “Hall of Shame” list calling for advertisers to boycott the paper because they had the audacity to drop his column.

Here’s a snipet from Roger Ebert’s response to O’Reilly but I would suggest you read the whole thing, especially the out of touch with reality and the mouse part, here.

Your column ran in our paper while it was owned by the right-wing polemicists Conrad Black (Baron Black of Coldharbour) and David Radler. We dropped it to save a little money after they looted the paper of millions. Now you call for an advertising boycott. It is unusual to observe a journalist cheering for a newspaper to fail. At present the Sun-Times has no bank debt, but labors under the weight of millions of dollars in tax penalties incurred by Lord Black, who is serving an eight-year stretch for mail fraud and obstruction of justice. We also had to pay for his legal expenses.

There is a major difference between Conrad Black and you: Lord Black is a much better writer and thinker, and authored a respected biography about Roosevelt, who we were founded to defend. That newspapers continue to run your column is a mystery to me, since it is composed of knee-jerk frothings and ravings. If I were an editor searching for a conservative, I wouldn’t choose a mad dog. My recommendation: The admirable Charles Krauthammer.

Maybe O’Reilly should stick to having his producers ambushing those who call him out for what he is, a coffee mug hawking, talking point squawking hack. It’s obvious he is over-matched when he takes on someone on their own turf.

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