Chop That

sham wowIt seems that annoying TV spokesman from those ShamWow and Slap Chop commercials, Vince Shlomi, had to do some “chop slapping” of his own when he got involved with a less than accommodating lady of the evening.

Apparently after providing $1000 for her services, she decided to put his tongue in a bite lock (maybe she was sick of his obnoxious TV commercials as well?) only releasing it after he did some “chopping” to her face with his fists allegedly resulting in several facial fractures and lacerations. Both Shlomi and his “date” were arrested but not charged though his date Sasha Harris, is considering the requisite lawsuit.

No word yet on whether Shlomi put the ShamWow to work soaking up the blood from his tongue or whether Harris will be seeking her next “date” with the other obnoxious TV pitch man, Billy Mays.

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