Say What?

So just follow me here for a minute.

A 9 year old Brazillian girl is raped by her 23 year old stepfather. She becomes pregnant with twins and is told by doctors that the pregnancy is placing her life in grave danger because of her size and age. Her mother decides that the only recourse is to have an abortion which is what is done as that procedure is legal in Brazil. A truly sad turn of events to be sure but as the late Paul Harvey would say, “Now for the rest of the story“.

It seems that the Catholic archbishop in the city the child resides, who you would think would be comforting the child and her family in their time of pain, decided that excommunicating the child’s mother and the doctors who performed the procedure was what should be done instead only sparing that fate from the child because she was too young to understand.

So there you have it, a child is raped, gets pregnant placing her life in danger, has a procedure done that saves her life, and the church punishes her.

Oh and if you were wondering whether the rapist was punished by the church especially in light of their ongoing priest child abuse problem, the answer would be not yet.

When asked why he did not excommunicate the stepfather who sexually abused the girl, Gomes Sobrinho said: “He committed an extremely serious crime. But that crime, according to canon law, is not punished with automatic excommunication.”

No wonder people are flocking away from organized religion in droves

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