Thune To Head Lobbying Outreach

South Dakota’s own John Thune has been tasked by the GOP to suck up to lobbying groups while Barack Obama works to strengthen lobbying regulations for the Executive Branch.

Senate Republicans have tasked Conference Vice Chairman John Thune (S.D.) with beefing up the party’s outreach to K Street, business groups and grass-roots organizations, hoping to maintain critical alliances built up over eight years of White House control.

Primarily, Thune said he hopes to create new alliances and fortify old relationships in order to sell the party’s priorities to the masses as it tries to reinvent itself after suffering bruising Congressional losses in the past two election cycles.

Johnny boy is definately moving up isn’t he? It’s not every Republican Senator that gets tasked with the important job of keeping one of the few remaining GOP bribery revenue streams in tact.

Updated to clarify who Obama’s new lobbying regulations apply to.

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