Wish I Would Have Said That

Sometimes you run across a post or comment in the blogosphere that makes you step back and wish that you would have written it. I found one of those comments when reading Cory from the Madville Times’ post on SB70 that seeks to repeal the 48 hour waiting period to buy handguns and it actually came from Cory’s wife Erin.

If Rhoden,Olson, et al. manage to get rid of the 48-hour waiting period, will they at least sponsor legislation requiring gun purchasers to certify in writing they understand that if they shoot a person with the newly purchased gun, that might result in terminating the life of a whole separate, unique living human being? The purchasers should also be told they’re putting themselves at greater risk of suicide and homicide (the stats bear out the greater risk of both when a gun is in the home).

South Dakotan’s and those familiar with our state government’s penchant for certain types of legislation should have no problem catching the double entendre.

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