He Didn't Just Say That Did He?

What do you do if you want to get conservative panties in a bunch? Well the Aberdeen American News’ Bob Mercer picks a perfect subject with yesterday’s column on providing free condoms in lieu of or in conjunction with abstinence education as a way to save money on government funded medical services.

Would free condoms be an efficient answer to reducing unintended pregnancies and slowing the spread of Chlamydia – and in turn reducing the demand for high-cost medical services, especially for lower-income families, and easing the burden on tax payers?

The most common alternative that is offered is sexual abstinence. For the thousands of unwed mothers last year, and the thousands of people who contracted Chlamydia, and hundreds of women who received abortions, abstinence wasn’t the answer.

Abstinence probably wasn’t even a thought for many, what with human beings being human beings.

Condoms, government funding, and abstinence education all in the same article and you have to know that our wonderful conservative blogosphere would go in for the kill. PP over at the War College goes the easy route, he just quotes the article and waits for his legions of anonymous commenters to do the ripping for him.

On the other hand, one of our newest ultra conservative bloggers, Fastidious, uses this conservative buzz topic to rid us of 2 other anti-conservative programs, Medicaid and CHIP, with this truly outrageous comment.

My larger point here is that we cannot prevent bad behavior; however, we can deincentivize bad behavior. Rather than picking up the tab of young men and women who have chosen to engage in risky behavior and get disgusting diseases, we can allow these folks to experience the consequences of their chosen risky behaviors. So, yes, cut funding to Medicaid and CHIP. When folks realize that the State will no longer pay for their mistakes, they’ll quit making them.

Wow, what more can you say?

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