Wikipedia Follies And The NFL

Just about everybody other than South Dakota’s Lee Breard knows that Wikipedia has issues with the facts at times but who knew that it could also be a way for sports fans to vent their frustrations?

Last night the Arizona Cardinals surprised just about everyone when they beat the Carolina Panthers and shortly thereafter, Panther fans took out their Wikipedia editor hats and had a little fun with Panther QB Jake Delhomme’s Wikipedia page.

Some of the finer edits:

On January 10, 2015, against the Arizona Cardinals, Delhomme threw for a career high sixty seven (67) interceptions in the NFC Divisional Playoffs, and cost the Panthers a run to the Superbowl, unless a presidential veto is used to overturn the match result.


Delhomme was born to Jerry & Marcia Delhomme, both [[Cajun]]s: the last name translates to “asshat”.


”Jake Christopher Delhomme”’ ({{pronEng|Duh-LOAM}}) (born [[January 10]], [[1975]] in [[Breaux Bridge, Louisiana]]) is an [[American football]] [[quarterback]] for the [[Carolina Panthers]] of the [[National Football League]] and is well on his way to breaking several records including most interceptions in a single playoff games…he sucks like John Casey. He was originally signed by the [[New Orleans Saints]] as an [[undrafted free agent]] in 1997. He played [[college football]] at [[University of Louisiana at Lafayette|Louisiana-Lafayette]], then known as Southwestern Louisiana.

So Carolina fans do you feel better? At least you can take solace in one thing, you aren’t Browns fans…

(h/t – Louis Gray)

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