What, 2 Years Or More Warning Wasn't Enough?

The RCJ has a story this morning detailing how Congress is talking to the FCC about pushing back the February deadline for the switch over to digital TV broadcasts.

According to Sen. John Thune, Congress has been talking with the Federal Communications Commission about possibly extending the Feb. 17 deadline for switching from analog to digital television.

Thune says it’s at least being talked about because many Americans don’t understand the process or haven’t yet redeemed their coupons for digital converters.

“I think this is going to catch people by surprise and there’s going to be a lot of people in South Dakota who are going to be impacted,” the Republican senator said.

My question to Thune and the rest of Congress would be this. If someone isn’t prepared for the switchover to digital broadcasts after all these years of warnings and the past year or so of seemingly constant media bombardment detailing the steps needed to change over, will a longer deadline make any difference?

I doubt it.

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