A Real One Of A Kind

I have to admit that I am a closet car guy. Owning a muscle car is a dream I have had for as long as I can remember dreaming and putting a 1970 Torino Cobra in my driveway will just about guarantee that I could die a happy man no matter what happened afterwards.

As I am sure everyone is aware, owning a musclecar isn’t something your average McDonalds or Walmart employee (or field service technician for that matter) can afford to do but for a few days in January, those of us that like to dream do have the opportunity to watch some of the finest examples of Detroit muscle hit the auction blocks as part of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction on Speed Channel.

This year’s auction has a real gem that will likely require a checkbook quite a bit larger than your average car collector normally has when T-Bird #1 hits the auction blocks in Scottsdale on Saturday January 17th, 2009. The 1955-57 T-Bird along with the Corvette are often attributed with starting the musclecar era and the first ever production car of Ford’s popular Bird has to be the most desirable example there is.

The current economic troubles will likely effect what this car eventually sells for but 2 things are for sure, it will be a lot, and it will be worth every penny. Read the sellers description and see more pictures of this historic car here.

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