What Happened To Customer Service?

In a bad economy, I think we can safely say that we are in the midst of one, wouldn’t you think the best way to set your business apart would be to provide excellent customer service? I was thinking just that the other day while waiting over 20 minutes for my order at a fast food place in Aberdeen. Eating fast food is bad enough, but considering I was one of only 2 customers in the place at 7 in the evening, should I have to wait 20 minutes to harden my arteries further?

Why is this a big deal? Afterall every business has a bad day. Well the next day at a half full restaurant in Watertown, I waited 15 minutes for a server to make her initial visit to my table, and I am still waiting, months and numerous phone calls later, for the carpenter I hired to install a couple of doors to come back and trim them out. Noticing a trend?

Maybe the one silver lining of this downturn will be weeding out companies that fail to realize that without the customer they would not exist. Based on my experience, it is past time that something like that happens.

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