A Model Employer?

Tesla RoadsterTesla motors has earned the reputation as a leader in electric car technology. In fact their roadster has gained quite of bit of press including a spot on a recent 60 minutes. Unfortunately they haven’t figured out yet how to make any money and along those lines, it also appears they haven’t quite mastered that whole employee relations thing yet either.

Laying off employees is just part of running a business so when Tesla announced they were laying off a majority of their Detroit staff, you might not think too much of it. That is except that they did it by blog post!

In a sign of what this new Financiapocalypse might bring, employees in the Metro Detroit branch of electric car maker Tesla Motors were laid off via a blog post. Yesterday, we reported that Tesla would be cutting back and reorganizing, which included shutting down the office in Rochester Hills, near Detroit. Unfortunately, no one told the employees in Rochester Hills. Some of them logged on to find that they were now, according to their own website, obsolete.

And if you think the 10% of the Detroit workforce that remain are happy they still have a job, to keep that job they will have to relocate from Detroit to San Jose on their own dime…Pretty classy of them wasn’t it?

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