5 Websites You Probably Shouldn't Start From South Dakota

While I am not originally from South Dakota, the 11 years I have lived here plus the 6 years I have run websites has taught me a few things about running a web site from our fine state. With that said there are a few topics for sites that one probably shouldn’t start while living here.

1. Celebrity Gossip Site – Other than Sturgis Rally week, stalking out Sioux Falls or Rapid City Regional airports for celebrity pics would probably get quite boring.

2. Tech Blog – Kind of hard to write about cool gadgets when most aren’t even available here.

3. Traffic Site – Traffic? Other than 41st and Louise, what is traffic?

4. Sports Blog – Somehow I think the Skyforce and Canaries have limited appeal outside of the Sioux Falls/Tea/Harrisburg “metroplex”.

5. Gun Control Advocacy Site – Did I say this was South Dakota?

Of course there are exceptions to every rule but this would be a good list to start with.

Any others?

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