The Next Best Thing, Not!

HTC G1Okay so yesterday I ragged (again!) on Apple and AT&T for the fact that the most popular cell phone on the planet isn’t offered to those of us in the great state of South Dakota. So with that in mind what is a gadget freak in South Dakota supposed to do?

If you are like me, you look at latest so-called “iPhone killing” cell phone coming out with Google’s new operating system, Android, loaded on HTC’s new G1.

That soon to be released unit is surely generating lots of favorable buzz and in fact T-Mobile has already pre-sold 1.5 million of them. So not wanting to be left out, I decided to throw my name on the 1.5 million name waiting list and went to the G1’s exclusive partner T-Mobile’s site to do just that. Low and behold this is what I found:

At least the weather is….oh that’s right it is South Dakota.

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