Lowering Expectations?

The right is worried. After the face to face debacle that was Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric, the VP debate tomorrow against Joe Biden could make or break the McCain campaign. Several Conservative pundits have already questioned the Palin choice and a poor performance could open the floodgates.

So in a preemptive strike against what could be another Palin deer in the headlight moment, some are already questioning the choice for the debate moderator, Gwen Ifill, whom has a book hitting store shelves soon about the Obamasiah.

Responding to questions about PBS anchor/VP debate moderator/”Age of Obama”-proclaiming author Gwen Ifill’s conflicts of interest, a PBS spokeswoman huffed: “The book has been a known factor for months, so I’m not sure what the big deal is.”

It wasn’t a “known factor” to the McCain campaign. And it’s highly doubtful the American public would have been fully informed about Ifill’s Inauguration Day-timed Obama book before Thursday by PBS or Ifill or the Presidential Debate Commission.

So there you have it, if Palin tanks the right can blame Ifill, if she does well they can further add to the myth that is Palin by saying she overcame a partisan moderator. Either way, with such low expectations and barring a total collapse, Palin supporters are all but assured of an outcome in which they can claim victory.

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