McCain Drinking Game

Now that John McCain is done saving us from financial ruin and has decided to restart his campaign in time for tonight’s debate, the users of Twitter have come up with a neat little drinking game to play while watching McCain and Barack Obama duke it out.

The game tagged #McCainshot is a drinking game in which the participants take a drink each time Senator McCain says “friends” during the debate. While I am sure folks that play the game will get their fill of their favorite beverage, I hear that those that devised the game originally wanted to use “POW” but had to shelve the idea because no one would be standing by the end of the debate…

Speaking of Twitter, they have set up a subsite that constantly scours their database for all tweets referencing the candidates pretty much in real time. It’s an excellent way to track the pulse of the “Twitter Nation” and should be a lively place to monitor during tonight’s debate (which McCain apparently already won).

UPDATE: They have added a new game so that Barack Obama doesn’t feel left out. #obamashot will have you taking a drink each time Barack Obama says the word “change”.

I would strongly suggest that those playing the game either do it at home or bring along a designated driver because having to drink each time that McCain says “friends” and Obama says “change” will result in you reaching .08 BAC quite early in the evening.

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