Thune Not Making Friends And Influencing People

It seems that John Thune isn’t the most popular guy these days in the right-wing blogosphere. He along with the other 19 Senators from the so-called gang of 20 (that includes our other Senator, Tim Johnson as well) have drawn the ire of the “drill holes everywhere” crowd because of the restrictions their compromise bill would place on offshore drilling.

Luckily for the blindly faithful, the gang of 20’s compromise has been shelved until after the election causing a short reprieve and sigh of relief.

Breathe a small sigh of relief. A capitulationist bullet has been dodged. Looks like the Gang of 20 sham energy bill won’t come up for a vote before the November elections.

And poor GOP golden boy John Thune is caught in the middle, or should I say far left.

Lawmakers have run into roadblocks as the election-year dynamics have shifted. For instance, in a dramatic reversal, the House passed a Democratic energy bill this week that allowed coastal states to drill more than 50 miles off their shores. Plus Democrats are signaling that they will not try to renew the offshore drilling ban after it expires on Oct. 1.

As a result, the group was negotiating how far to take the drilling provisions.

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), one of the negotiators, said the bipartisan group wasn’t looking to end up “on the left of Nancy Pelosi,” referring to the House Speaker.

But not to worry John, your image will surely be repaired soon enough once the Democrats completely capitulate and allow the big-oil Republican’s to drill everywhere and who knows maybe you have learned something. Like not worrying about bi-partisan compromises as all that does is piss off your base and postpone the inevitable cave by the spineless Democrats whom as usual give in to the wishes of the right eventually anyways.

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