While the mainstream media has been getting better at calling out John McCain when he pulls a whopper out of his rear end, NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen thinks they should be doing better. In other words he thinks the political press needs to grow a spine so along those lines he wants to use the power of social media, namely Twitter, to get the message out.

Rosen and others are calling for journalists of all stripes (professionals, amateurs, citizens, bloggers, etc.) to use a #spinewatch tag on Twitter and elsewhere to call attention to whether or not the professional press covering the home stretch of the 2008 presidential election is standing up to stonewalling candidates or sitting back and repeating their talking points.

The Republican’s used Twitter for their “Drill Here, Drill Now” grandstanding on the House floor last month so I guess it’s only fair for the Democrats to turn the table. So if you are so inclined, be sure to tag your Twitter’s with #spinewatch whenever posting about the latest McCain/Palin “say what?“.

And yes I assume that you could use it for Obama untruths as well but since Obama never lies and we’re all a bunch of liberal hacks, the majority I read all dealt with McCain/Palin.

(h/t – Simon)

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