Attack The Messenger, Karl Rove Edition

The liberal blogs have been all over John McCain and Sarah Palin for telling some whoppers during the campaign. It has recently gotten so bad that even that darn liberal media has finally started taking notice of the half truths and bedtime stories coming from the McCain camp.

Of course we all know that a rightie’s blind faith in the Grand Old Party prevents them from ever considering that their guy/gal might be less than truthful so they instead do their best to look the other way or come up with some whoppers of their own to explain away the inconsistencies. This has been the political world that we lived in until recently when several non-partisan fact checking organizations have sprouted up to try and get around the spin that comes from both sides.

Now that these groups are also now calling BS on much of the BS coming from the McCain/Palin camp, the GOP spin machine led by their leader, Karl Rove, has had to go into full attack mode. And Fox News is more than happy to let their recently minted “political commentatorgo on the offensive.

But on Fox News Sunday today, former Bush political adviser Karl Rove dismissed the organizations, claiming that “they’ve got their own biases built in there.” “You can’t trust the fact-check organizations,” said Rove

While Rove did concede that McCain might have gone too far at times (which is amazing in it’s own right), he stopped short of saying that McCain didn’t tell the truth because in Rove’s world, we could never let the facts get in the way of McCain and Palin’s mission.

Saying otherwise would be sexist and unpatriotic.

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