A Browns Fan Begins A New Season

Very few sports fans can relate to the pain and agony that awaits a Cleveland sports fan at the beginning of a season. In fact to be a Cleveland fan who was alive for any championship, you would need to be over 44 years old to be around for the 1963/64 Cleveland Browns. And don’t get me started on the Indians…

With that said, last years 10-6 Browns get ready to open another season and I again get to wonder, how soon before I have to say “just wait until next year?”. A few times in the 1980’s I was able to last until the AFC Championship game only to be hit in the stomach by “The Drive” and “The Fumble”.

So as the Browns get ready to play Dallas this afternoon, I should know fairly quickly whether it will be wait until next year or wait until next week. Here’s hoping it’s the latter but also knowing that it is probably the former.

It is Cleveland after all.

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