Noun, Verb, Sexism

With Rudy Giuliani it was noun, verb, 9/11. With John McCain it is noun, verb, POW. And now apparently with Sarah Palin it is noun, verb, sexism. At least that is the contention of female Republicans.

Female Republicans embraced identity politics with gusto today, touting the virtues of presumptive vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and suggesting that any attempts to question her qualifications amounted to blatant sexism. (emphasis mine)

So for all those meanies out there, stop picking on Mrs Palin just because she is unqualified, you sexist pigs!

Speaking of sexism, a liberal blog I read from time to time has an interesting nickname for McCain’s VP pick that they use in place of her name, James.Dobson.In.A.Dress.

Is that sexism? Maybe. Is it accurate? Probably. Is it funny? Absolutely…

UPDATE 7:55am: I guess The Washington Monthly’s Political Animal did’t get the sexism memo. They fact check Sarah Palin’s speech from last night and apparently facts aren’t important to Palin or her speechwriters.

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