Call The Waambulance!

Your PR mouthpiece gets grilled by a reporter, he is unable to answer the question about your VP choice’s experience so what do you do? If you are John McCain you cancel another appearance on the network.

This afternoon, anchorman Wolf Blitzer announced on air that McCain’s planned interview with Larry King tonight had been canceled by the campaign. Blitzer said McCain aides complained that Brown had gone “over the line” in her grilling of Bounds.

McCain campaign spokeswoman Maria Comella later explained the cancellation with this sharply worded statement:

“After a relentless refusal by certain on-air reporters to come to terms with John McCain’s selection of Alaska’s sitting governor as our party’s nominee for vice president, we decided John McCain’s time would be better served elsewhere.”

For someone that constantly complains about the MSM coverage given to the other guy, is canceling a primetime interview a smart idea? Unless of course, you can’t answer the question either.

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