McCain Picks Palin To Be His VP

News is that John McCain has picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his Vice Presidential running mate and is their any doubt who this pick is geared towards? I can think of more than a few of the 17 million plus people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries who still refuse to carry that support over to Barack Obama who now have one more reason to look to the right.

Add to that the fact that her Conservative scorecard appears at first glance to be pretty strong which should play well with the religious “Reich Wing” and then factor in the thought that he might have stolen some of Obama’s pretty much de-bunked change mantra by selecting someone far removed from the Washington boys club, and you can honestly say that he went outside the box.

Will this be enough to placate the many from the far right who were on the fence with McCain’s less than stellar Conservative record? (Update: apparently so)

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